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Venturi Dust Scrubber

Venturi Dust Scrubber

Samancor Ferrometals, Witbank - South Africa

The plant is designed to remove air laden with dust from a number of open processing points on the clients Pelletising Plant. The dust and air is ducted into a Wet Venturi Scrubber Plant where the dust is recovered from the air into the scrub liquor.

The plant consists of a manually adjustable single stage High Pressure Venturi followed by a Separator Vessel complete with demister pad for entraining water droplets and reducing carry-over.

A single stage induced draught, backward curved exhaust fan draws the exhaust draught / contaminated air through the scrubber plant and discharges the clean gas / air to atmosphere via an exhaust stack.The design gas flow rate for the plant is in excess of 80 000 m3/hr. A circulation pump circulates the scrub liquor via the venturi throat to maximise contact with the dust laden air and the dust slurry discharges into a circulation tank. A slurry transfer pump is used to remove the sludge from the circulation tank on a semi continuous basis.

The plant operates continuously on a 24 hour basis and requires minimal attendance or maintenance.