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Process Technologies

Kemplant Pty Ltd has extensive in-house expertise across various process technologies.  We provide consulting services, turnkey plants and process equipment to a large cross-section of the industry, such as chemical, mining, pulp & paper, automotive, energy, environmental, wastewater, oil & gas and pharmaceutical.  Some of the technologies we specialise in are:

Bulk Liquefied Gas Storage and Handling Systems

Ammonia, Sulphur Dioxide, Chlorine, Carbon Dioxide, LPG, etc.


Continuous Forced Circulation, Mechanical Vapour Recompression (MVR), Vacuum Evaporative and Cooling type crystallisers. Refinements include crystal size classification using Classified Bed with Draft Tube and / or Elutriation leg, crystal bed Internal Agitation and other.

Alternatively where crystal characteristics can vary, Growth type or Mixed bed can be offered.

Batch Vacuum, atmospheric or pressurized Crystalliser Systems can be provided as alternative to continuous plant, depending on the application.

Distillation and Absorption

Binary or multi-component systems either organic or inorganic using packed columns, sieve trays, bubble caps designs, etc.

Absorption systems include direct contact film or bubble dispersion, pulsed column, membrane and other.


Falling Film, Climbing Film, Forced Circulation, Mechanical Vapour Recompression (MVR), Thermal Vapour Recompression (TVR), Single or Multiple Effect. Evaporator design can incorporate vacuum, atmospheric or pressured operation; backward, forward and mixed feed, flash and other.

Further refinements include “on-line” cleaning, seeding, etc. For specific duties, Thin-Film Evaporators can be supplied.


Complete system and plant design including turnkey installations to suit client filtration, solid/liquid separation requirements.

Filtration equipment suitable for the application are sourced from specialist filtration equipment vendors and incorporated in the Filtration Plant package provided to the client.

Gas Scrubbing & Cleaning

Wet and / or Dry Gas /Air Scrubbing/Cleaning Plants can be provided.

Wet Gas Scrubbing includes Venturi (High, Medium and Low Pressure) and Quench Scrubbers, Liquid Jet /Spray Scrubbers, Packed Columns, Tray and Impingement Columns.

Dry Gas Scrubbing includes Ceramic Candle Filtration for high gas temperature solids and / or contaminants removal, cyclonic dust separation and other.

Scrubbing Plants can be supplied on a complete turnkey basis or alternatively specific equipment as required.

Scrubbing media include alkali solutions (caustic, calcium hydroxide, ammonium hydroxide, etc.), acid solutions (sulphuric, hydrochloric and other dilute acids), water, organics, etc.

In certain instances, the recovery of chemical components from the cleaned gases can be achieved such as the production of sulphur recovered from Coke Oven gas using the Mono Claus Process.

Water and Effluent Treatment

Design, engineering and supply on a turnkey basis of various types of plants and equipment for the treatment of water and process effluents. Each plant or item of equipment is custom designed for the specific duty.

Discrete Particulate Systems

Kemplant has expertise in construction, operation and optimisation of Fluidised beds, Cyclones and other discrete particulate systems.

Fluid Dynamic Simulations

Kemplant specialises in fluid transience studies and design for compressible & incompressible fluids along pipelines and in equipment such as vessels, compressors and pumps. We are able to provide this service for fluids such as water, petroleum, chemical products, cryogens, refrigerants and more. This technology is used to ensure pressure is within design parameters, size surge suppression equipment, determine imbalanced pipe forces, troubleshooting existing operational issues and more.