Since 1984
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Pilot Plants and R&D

Kemplant Pty Ltd provides procurement, construction, operation and optimisation services for pilot plants.  We also have expertise in developing new technologies from the laboratory stage all the way through to commercial plants.

Research and Development forms an integral part of Kemplant’s continuous improvement philosophy.  Globally we have managed many pilot plant projects over the years and provide pilot planting services to all the sectors we service.  A few examples of the pilot plants available for research are shown below:

  • Evaporator / Crystalliser Pilot Plant
    A 500 kg/hr Pilot Plant is available for test work on various Effluents/Process Streams and can be configured as an Evaporator or Crystalliser.
  • Falling Film Evaporator Pilot Plant
    A 250 kg/hr Pilot Plant is available for test work on non-scaling liquors for Evaporation Trials.
  • High Temperature Ceramic Filter Pilot Plant
    A 500 m3/hr Pilot Plant is available for High Temperature Gas Stream Scrubbing Studies.