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Nickelic Cell Mist Reduction Plant

Nickelic Cell Mist Reduction Plant

Anglo's Base Metal Refinery - South Africa

The Nickelic Mist Abatement Plant was designed to reduce the concentration of nickelic mist emanating from the nickel plating cells to below OEL levels in the existing Copper Tank House at Anglo Platinum’s Base Metal Refinery (RBMR). The project was successfully completed, commissioned and has been in operation since early 2013. The Plant has a combined ventilation capacity of approximately 172,000 Am³/hr.

The nickelic mist is captured via mounted slotted ducts fitted onto the nickelic cells. Induced draught physically draws the mist off the top of the cells using downstream exhaust gas extraction fans. The draught air containing entrained nickelic droplets is ducted to a separation vessel fitted with a high-efficiency impingement demister assembly achieving 99% removal of particles less than 1 micron. The droplets impinge on the pad and agglomerate before dropping out into an integral sump in the bottom of the vessel. The clean air is then discharged to atmosphere via a dedicated stack.

The nickelic liquor and rinse water that is collected in the sump is pumped back to the client for use as make-up to the cells.

The plant is automated for minimal operator input. The Plants Control System is integrated into the clients existing PLC and SCADA systems.